Ralf Kaiser

I am Ralf Kaiser and I am the CEO of Integrated Compliance Solutions. ICS is a fintech, specializing in banking compliance and merchant processing solutions enabling banks to complete complex, but lucrative transactions

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ICS is the industry leader in compliance software and innovative, cost-effective merchant payment solutions for banks, cannabis, CBD and hemp companies. Ralf has been involved in the investment and financial industries for 30 years with a focus on capital raising, investment management, technology start-ups and the capital markets. Ralf is recognized as an industry thought leader within the cannabis and banking sectors being the cannabis banking keynote speaker for such events as the inaugural Marijuana Banking Summit, Michigan Bankers Association, Community Bankers Association of Ohio, the Payments First 19th Annual Solutions Conference and the ePay Executive Summits in Dallas, Raleigh and Miami. Ralf has been involved with ICS since 2016 and officially joined the firm in 2018 and has been active in the capital raising, market development and bank sales strategies for the firm. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm in investment, financial services, sales & marketing and operations. ICS owns Greenlight Payments which is now the largest merchant processor of CBD online stores in the US!

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